Learn Dynamic Ads for Automotive Quickly

Complete, step-by-step instruction in a world of incomplete documentation.
Take the full certification for $159 USD
The 8 chapters range in length from 20-60 minutes each for about 5 hours in total.
You can take your chapter of choice for $55 USD each.

  • Inventory Feeds and Catalogs

    Learn to set-up live, available inventory in Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Google ads.

  • Tags and Targeting

    Set-up tags for conversions and remarketing. Learn advanced behavioural targeting to find and engage new customers.

  • Step-by-step for Automotive

    Get customized video instruction from an automotive perspective that tells you exactly what you need to know.

Bonus Material

Cerfitication Topics Covered

We'll cover a wide range of platforms and technology and tools in this course.

  • Website and Inventory Catalog Feeds

  • Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Chrome plug-in and helpers

  • Facebook Pixel, Google Conversion and Site Tags

  • Merchant Center

  • Campaign set-up and Audience Targeting

  • Google Analytics - Conversion Events


  • Who should take this certification?

    If you’re a dealership social media guru or a freelancer looking to add to your skills or an agency ready for a new industry, this certification will provide everything you need to run dynamic digital ads for the automotive industry.

  • What do I need to know before I start?

    You will need an automotive inventory feed to put your vehicles into ads. Bring your own feed or subscribe here before you start.

  • Do I need to have any experience?

    You'll need a foundation in social media or digital marketing but everything taught uses free tools that make it simple to get ads online. All lessons use simple, easy to understand words without confusing developer talk.

  • Why should I run dynamic ads?

    Dynamic ads are the cornerstone of advanced digital marketing for dealerships that puts product first. This is a significant change in an industry that for the longest time has cherished the brand.

  • Do I need to take the course to a buy a feed subscription?

    Nope. You can purchase them separately.

  • How often will this course be updated as features change?

    The course will be updated frequently when platforms or technology change in meaningful ways. Your initial purchase will allow lifetime access. This course was last updated on June 11, 2020.

  • Do I really get a certificate?

    Yes, if you complete the full certification course, you get a real certificate. You can display your certification on your resume or website.

Need an Inventory Feed?

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Run dynamic ads for any brand, in any country

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Hi, I'm Neil

Instructor Bio:

Neil is an automotive digital marketing specialist and consultant. He has worked as part of the national team responsible for rolling out the Ford dealer digital direct marketing program (D3) for Ford of Canada. He currently runs digital marketing for dealerships across the country.

Neil Gilbert

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